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16 Jul, 2020

Porsche Taycan: Does it pass the Andy Garcia test?

This is part two of my recent visit to the Porsche Dealership near my office. If you have read part one, you already know what brought me there.

As we walked out of the showroom into the parking lot, Roger asked me if I had 5 minutes. His eyes were shining with a naughty idea. I said of course I had 5 minutes. He whipped out a key from his right pocket and said let’s go. He was referring to the brand new Porsche Taycan parked one meter from where we stood.

I got in the passenger seat with him. As he pulled the car out of the parking lot, he asked another interesting question: “How is your heart condition?”. I told him that the electro mechanical subsystem attached to my hydraulic pump appeared to function normally.

The Hoehn dealership in Carlsbad is located in an ideal place in an ideal setting. The scenic curvy road outside the dealership connects to the Pacific Coast Highway running along the Pacific Ocean.

Like a well trained tour guide, Roger took full advantage of the location. He put the car in Rocket Mode and slammed the pedal to the metal. I felt my posture straightening out in the seat. Taycan is a 2 point something second car. And it showed. The acceleration, handling and comfort were superb. The thing I loved the most about this car was the subtle whine of the electric motors, and the absence of a noisy engine.

Then Roger asked me if I wanted to drive. Of course I wanted to drive. But unlike him, I put the car in Econo mode and cruised back to the dealership; staying within the speed limits. I wanted to see how the car drives when a tired man drives it in 5 ‘o clock traffic.

Back in the parking lot, Roger imparted with his expert advice, “This is the car for you. This is the car you should get.”

At the end of the test drive, my emotional attachment to the car was about the same as an Allied prisoner’s attachment to a Nazi prison guard in a WW-II movie. Anyway I told Roger that this was not the car for me because it didn’t pass the Andy Garcia test.

So what is the Andy Garcia test? Its a simple question and a simple answer:

When you turn the vehicle On, does it return the favor?

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