Our story

NEXTWERK started operating in October 1993 as a one person company. Mark Mian founded the company. During the initial years of operation, Mark was the sole programmer. Most of the programming work was done in C++ (on OS/2 and Unix) and Visual Basic on the windows platform.

By 1996 business was expanding rapidly and Mark started a backend company in Pakistan www.nextbridge.com. The first remote engineer was hired in summer of 1996.

Then came the Internet era and we expanded our capabilities in the direction that the world was going. Many bubbles and recessions later, we are still going strong with a small team in the US (NEXTWERK INC) and a sizable team of remote engineers in Pakistan and Dubai (450+ engineers). Both companies are owned by Mark and they work as one team and provide engineering services to clients in North America, South America and Europe.

NEXTWERK INC (USA) and NEXTBRIDGE PVT. LTD (Pakistan) are two companies owned by the same owner and they work as one team.

During these 27 years of continuous operation, we have done interesting work for amazing clients.

Our plan for the next 27 years is to merge both companies together and rollout a few interesting Robotics products we have been working on. Our service business is growing at a steady pace and we spend most of our “management” time in improving the way we develop software.

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