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25 Sep, 2020

Labor Day Weekend

Getting out of town has been my saving grace this year, so for the long weekend, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity. Again, we headed out to nature. This time we visited Yosemite National Park, one of the world’s wonders. We took a beautiful and strenuous day hike out to Vernal Falls, where we got to jump into the freshwater and marvel at the site in front of us.

It was all going great until the sky turned orange and ash started to fall from the sky. On the other side of the mountain, at Bass Lake, a fire started. Luckily we did not have to evacuate but from that point on, the sky stayed orange and the air, thick and smokey. We couldn’t even tell what time of day it was. So, the next day, we took it easy and biked around the park, had lunch in the meadow, and hung out by the water. Even with the orange sky and horrific air quality, we managed to enjoy ourselves. If you have not yet visited Yosemite National Park, I highly recommend (but maybe not during fire season ;)).

Until next time,

Vanessa ~

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