Luis Andres

I’ve had the privilege to work with Imran for the last 3 years in the development of a very complex back end social media marketing web app, Qweboo. In a nutshell, he is responsible for building the engine of my Ferrari.

Having worked with other freelance developers before and then finding Imran made me really appreciate his work ethic & talent. Aside from having a natural knack for development, Imran is very sharp when it comes to communicating & quickly understanding the feature & vision for the functionality of the web app. To then design a proper work flow that will be the most efficient way for the development process. Aside from being the CTO & head developer, Imran had also managed another developer who was also worked in our project. He showed excellent communication skills to manage his development time with efficiency and always made sure that development work was robust. Always keeping in mind to find the best way possible for development with minimal disruption to the interconnected core functions of the app.

Having an IT professional like Imran is a sure asset to any company. Currently, I’m working towards getting the funding for the next phase of my Marketing web app project. Once I get it, Imran will be the first person I look for to see if he is available to get back on board for the next phase of my entrepreneurial journey.

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