Jerome Taylor

Solat and Babar (the developers) did a good job as well overall in getting my project up and running; however, the last 2 months of my vteams/Nextwerk experience has been GREAT and each moment that I get the opportunity to share that with the Team individually I do. I run an extremely small Mental Health Counseling Agency which could not always afford the costs associated with having a dedicated Team of Developers (even though your pricing is extremely cost-effective compared to almost any other Development Companies I’ve worked with in the past or researched on my path to finding you all). With our cash flow being as limited as it is, I began spending my own “personal reserves” to see my project to the finish line and that willingness to do that was partially my desire and belief that my project is going to do extremely well when it goes to market and is made available for other companies to use, as my company currently does, but also the confidence that all 6 of the Guys (the developers): Solat, Babar, Yasir, Naveed, Bilal and Zeeshan I’ve been working with have given me! They have been extremely professional, timely, diligent, detailed, suggestive in positive ways, honest and transparent, stayed late and ultimately to-date, they’ve exceeded my expectations!!!

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